Give Our Locally Owned Small Businesses a Boost and Give a Gift to Someone in Need!

Your donation will be combined with others and used to purchase two $50 gift cards from locally owned, small businesses identified as currently closed due to COVID-19 and no longer able to conduct any normal business.  We are asking the community to nominate the small, locally owned businesses in their neighborhoods who could use a boost. All gift cards purchased will be donated to area non-profits to be distributed to those in need.

Together, we can show the world what our community can do.

What can you give today to make tomorrow brighter for our community?

Thank you to all our local business chambers:

Frequently Asked Questions

The community nominates local small businesses in their communities. We contact those small businesses, purchase two gift cards, and promote the business along with the details as to how individuals can buy gift cards directly from the business. Each chamber will then donate the gift cards to local non-profits to give to someone in need, donate to a hardworking volunteer, or use in a fundraising auction.
1st -Think of it as buying ad space for someone else’s business. You’re contributing $5, or $10, and along with the donations of others, we will put $100 into a small business as well as advertise on their behalf.

2nd- If a business is closed – all the business chambers in the region know it and can help point to resources that may be helpful during this time.

3rd – We’re contacting every small business nominated. If they have employees who have additional needs, we may have resources to be able to help their employees.
We LOVE how businesses have adapted to today’s challenges and kept jobs safe. Please continue to support any business that has been effected. There are resources such as ____ and ____ and ____ if you would like to give your money to other initiatives. Everyone needs help right now. We’re just going to focus on the ones who are closed.
Please do! If you don’t know how to contact the business, and they aren’t listed on our site, please nominate the business and we’ll work to find the information. (we’ll also buy a $100 gift card from the business when we contact them)
If you think it’s small, please nominate it. If you think it’s local, please nominate it. If we contact them and they aren’t small or they aren’t local, that’s ok. You did your part to tell us who is in need and we may be able to give them additional resources.
Each partnering chamber will receive a portion of gift cards and will choose their own non-profits in their region to donate.
Yes please. Contact to connect about opportunities. (This is a telecommute volunteer opportunity only. ha. )

More questions?
Please contact

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